Climate Manifesto                                                    The rapidly unfolding science of climate change disturbs us greatly.  Now we must deal with the continuing shock of learning and experiencing more and more climate destabilization.

We must embrace the monster and permit a colossal loss of faith in the future.   Suddenly, in the past few decades, even in recent months and days -- we begin to comprehend the dire enormity of changes to come.   We stand at attention, ready to act. Now we are calculating the impacts to the physical world, to culture, to our very civilization.

We examine the science, the climate models and future scenarios and hold this up before all our history and culture and civil infrastructure.   Unlike any other time in human history, our future is loaded with risk and certain chaos.

Our task is to know what is possible, what is impossible, and what is inevitable.

The laws of physics, atmospheric chemistry and thermodynamics dictate the changes to come.

Human-authored laws and legislative compromises mean little when managing life-support for multigenerational survival.

By our actions we choose to adapt or to die.   We may not like it, but we know precisely what we must do to cool our atmosphere: halt all greenhouse gas emissions.   Furthermore, long term survival requires us to sequester CO2 and discover new ways to deploy clean energy.

We are unwilling to wield two difficult and painful solutions that we know will work: halt all carbon emissions and control human population.   If we avoid either problem, population or global warming, it means a chaotic end to civilization.

By our delay, denial and inaction, we have chosen an existential showdown with physical reality.

Survival requires that magical thinking gives way to ruthless evaluation.   First. we must decide whether to survive.   Instead we may wish to begin palliative care for our civilization.

If we decide to fight for multigenerational survival then, "We have to do everything, all at once."

We are poorly experienced in the ways of fierce obedience.  We are learning how to adapt to a world that has changed; acting to mitigate further risk.   We need only discover and obey rules.   It may not be too late.   There is no reason we cannot prevail.   Big changes are required.

Land o' Plenty by Naomic McCavitt  - 2013

"Land o'Plenty" by Naomi McCavitt
    original oil 24" x 24" copyright 2013

Selected actions:
  Every act should enhance life support.

Discover the science, review climate models and constantly re-define the situation
 Regularly re-evaluate and fiercely re-examine the situation.

Choose a goal: to merely live out days or multigenerational survival
Then act with certainty,   act with political unity.

Make huge, bold changes
The greater the problem, the stronger the reaction.
Our tasks are greater than anything ever accomplished.    We must globally reform and reestablish society,  governments, commerce, and human interaction .

Apply the laws of science to all public policy  There is no room for irrational thinking, no time for magical ideology.

Bypass obstacles or render them inconsequential   Stay on track for the one goal - survival.

Diagnose     Act fast to discover the extent of change necessary.  Science is non-negotiable..

Mitigate   Immediately halt emissions of greenhouse gasses and begin to sequester carbon dioxide.     

Adapt    Proactive adaptation is wise.   Reactive adaptation is panic.

Repeat    Change means we respect the process of learning and grieving.   Change fast; learn more and implement new information.

For Ourselves and Our Posterity:

--  Ruthless population control  -  Until population is controlled, no other problem can be managed.  Aim for less than Zero Population Growth.  Tax incentives for the childless family, tax penalties for multiples births.

Universal participation:

-- Total commitment globally     Anything less than full devotion assures failure to all.  Politics should not obstruct human life.  

-- Discover the rules of science and be mindful, careful, purposeful and ethical actions.   Ethical lapses and misbehavior triggers exponential harm.   Willful blindness, deliberate ignorance or anti-science are criminal acts that harm us all.

-- End Zero Sum Capitalism    All commerce and finance must be mutually beneficial to all parties now and into the future.  

Immediate transitional change:

--  Lessen the shock of disruptive change  by using carbon energy only for the purpose of establishing clean, renewable energy systems.   All other carbon energy shall be heavily taxed.  

Halt misuse of carbon immediately:

--  Carbon CZAR with full command and control.  Our first allegiance is to global survival for as many humans as possible.  

--  Halt carbon emissions  into the atmosphere or ocean.  Cease combustion of all carbon fuels, gas, coal, and oil.   

--  Curtailing carbon fuel combustion.     Carbon energy companies are fully liable and should be shutdown, nationalized, socialized or regulated as needed.   These should include transportation, utilities and certainly all oil and coal companies.   Clean energy ventures should have no restrictions.

-- Halt  deforestation - Start reforestation       Nearly a third of carbon emissions come from deforestation.  Forests restore healthy atmosphere.

-- Stop meat   Meat is water and energy intensive, unwise, falsely priced and illegally subsidized.   It should be heavily taxed.  .   

Consumer Behavior
             To move change, unwise behavior should be forbidden or must be heavily taxed.  

-- None or low air conditioning   Consider taxing in efficient air conditioning.

-- Optimize Transportation   Ride share, transit, alternative transportation.

--  Air Travel curtailed    Airline flight only over oceans.   Heavily tax all airline flights.

--  Full liability to carbon fuel companies   Human future requires a justice system that represents a human future, not corporate.

Politics and Economics

-- True Accounting  - The real cost of carbon energy must include future impacts.   Just as the cost of nuclear energy must include the cost of 100,000 years of waste containment.  By dirty pollution, Coal is the most costly energy.  

--  Corporate charter reform  Redefine the state corporate charter to include healthy goals of responsible citizenship and dedicated future.  Include full legal liability to any company or individual for direct damages and deliberate misinformation.  

--  Tax unwise behavior    Taxing carbon levels of all manufactured goods - from incandescent bulbs to autos - will effect great change.  All forms of carbon energy should see a progressive tax applied per unit / per year.   

--  Halt high carbon commuting  Tax single car commuting,  a low mileage car should be taxed more heavily.   The true cost of the carbon combustion vehicle is much higher than projected.

-- International carbon regulation  Any earth derived carbon should be restricted or taxed.   Set tariffs on carbon manufacturing, no matter where the product originated.

-- Forget carbon offsets completely.  These artificial financial constructs are counterproductive to effecting systemic change and the elimination of carbon energy systems. .

Redefine goals:

-- Physical laws are non-negotiable.   Humans will compromise, science does not.  Bargaining with reality is a waste of time and energy.  Life is filled with lessons.   Lessons not learned will be repeated.

--  At species end, each individual - exhausted as final parent or last orphan - now chooses to redefine and begin anew.    Survivability precedes sustainability.  How will we change ourselves in order to survive?   Are we still Homo Sapiens?


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